Architectural Salvage and Deconstruction Assessment

As of July 1, 2014 the City of Seattle requires that demolition or remodel projects more than 750 square feet must have a Deconstruction and Salvage Assessment completed by a qualified verifying agent. Ballard Reuse is a qualified verifying agent for deconstruction and architectural salvage assessments. We have done hundreds of these in the past year. Basically, it’s a walk-thru to determine what materials could be salvaged from the project for reuse. Please call before you begin your project for us to preview your site. There is no cost to you. Often, we can give you a charitable donation receipt or in-store trade credit in return for the materials we salvage from your project. You get compensated for materials you otherwise would have paid to dispose. Our highly-skilled crew is licensed and insured. Call our salvage manager, Joel Blaschke at 206.793.9070 or email