Paint Recycling

Ballard Reuse is now selling recycled latex paint from Green Sheen Paint, the same company that we work with to recycle latex paint.  This is premium interior / exterior paint that comes in 18 different colors and sells for just $18 /gallon.  We have all 18 colors in stock, and some colors, like white, we have in 5-gallon buckets.  We can order larger quantities for special projects as needed.
Ballard Reuse accepts used latex paint for recycling.  We can’t accept oil-based paints or stains.  Those can be brought to your local household hazardous waste collection site.  Latex paint must be in original containers.  We charge $3/quart, $5/gallon and $20/5-gallon bucket to recycle the paint.  Please call ahead before bringing quantities larger than 10 gallons to make sure we have space.
Our paint recycling services will be scheduled through the Personal Shopper/Curbside Form.  Please click here