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5c Coffee Crew Questions:

1.) What’s your trade?

I get to make furniture out of whatever material I find around Ballard Reuse, which makes me a furniture designer and a very lucky man.

2.) How long have you been crafting/collecting and how did you get into it?

I grew up with an industrial designer for a father and spent my time growing up in a shop making stuff. So…my whole life.

3.) What is the most prized item you have found in the store?

That would be the 1 million dollars that I found in a cabinet–second best would be the tin Buddha I found in between floors on a

[salvage] job.

4.) What do you do with your non-Ballard Reuse time?

I have taken up dirt jumping and gravity defiance as a hobby with my younger son, Griffin–beyond that I spend my time adoring my wife Carolyn and molding my sons Max and Griffin into productive members of society.

5.) Favorite Beer or other beverage?

I am a cider person these days

6.) Most used/favored tool:

My Makita impact driver is an extension of my body.

7.) What are you working on RIGHT NOW?

A table for some folks out of the Boeing crate material that should be real good.

8.) How do you take your coffee?

Iced and khaki colored.

Final words of wisdom:

Like my mom’s ex-boyfriend, Earl the Hog farmer used to say, “There ain’t nothin’ like doing it!”.